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Don’t read this while driving

We’ve all driven by them. You see the cell phone held up by the steering wheel, the person’s face bathed in the glow from the screen as they text. Their speed is reduced below the rest of traffic and they are often drifting around the lane like a bowling ball bouncing off the bumpers as it slowly rolls down the alley at a kid’s birthday party. This kind of driving is not safe for anyone.

Distracted driving defined

Students injured in truck collision with school bus

Ohio is crossed by major roads and limited-access highways in every direction, which speeds transit around and through the Buckeye State. These roads are safe in general, but occasional accidents can be harmful to drivers and passengers alike.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol stated that fatal accidents have been on the rise in Ohio for the last three years. This leads drivers to take extra caution to prevent damaging and injurious collisions.

Ohio law enforcement investigates traffic death trends

The roads of Ohio are largely safe for travelers and commuters, who enjoy the long and straight expanses of roads across the rural parts of the state and efficient highways near its cities. However, a recent upswing in traffic deaths gives drivers and traffic enforcement officers pause to consider the causes.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating trends in fatal accidents across the state as the year comes to a close. At least 1,000 traffic casualties occurred in three of the last five years up to 2016, according to the patrol's estimations.

Ohio woman killed in wrong-way driving collision

Ohio is a great state for driving, with long flat roads that intersect the state like a well-planned urban grid. The Buckeye State, however, is not a largely urban state, and the straight highways can be enticing for fast drivers looking to cover distance quickly.

Many state highways and other roads such as interstates can pose dangers of cars and trucks being close to each other while they are driving at high speeds in opposite directions. Wrong-way collisions are rare but can be highly destructive and increase the chances of serious injury or death.

4 injured in snow-related Ohio car crash

The roads of Ohio are often quite safe, with long straight expanses of state roads that resemble a grid pattern across much of the state. The position of the Buckeye State at the crossroads of the Northeast and the Midwest regions brings millions of cars and trucks onto the roads from various parts of the state and elsewhere around the continent.

Many state roads are lined by deep trenches on either side, which prevent flooding and errant livestock from interfering with traffic. Weather can also pose a challenge to urban and rural roads, and drivers have to be vigilant when rain or snow alters the surface of roads.

Driver in truck accident may have had suspended license

Ohio is highly dependent on land transportation for its economic health and its people's ability to travel and commute. The rules of the road protect drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike by restricting dangerous behavior and ensuring drivers are qualified.

The ability of drivers to operate vehicles safely is especially important when it comes to trucks, construction vehicles and other heavy equipment. Even small or low-speed collisions with large vehicles can be very dangerous to safety and property.

Don't ruin your Thanksgiving with an alcohol-related accident

Thanksgiving is fast approaching. Many families like to have few drinks during their holiday celebrations--maybe some wine at dinner, or a few beers while watching football. Enjoying alcohol with your meal is fine in moderation, but beware the consequences of driving under the influence. You may not feel tipsy, but it is all too easy to underestimate your own level of intoxication.

After a fun, loving Thanksgiving holiday, the last thing that you want is something to go wrong on the road. Driving under the influence can come with a fine, community service and jail time -- or worse, life-changing injuries to you or a loved one. In order to avoid drinking and driving this holiday season, follow these five simple tips.

Person on scooter killed in collision outside Columbus

One of the most enjoyable and efficient ways to ply the roads of Ohio and the rest of the United States is by motorcycle. Thousands of Buckeyes and many more from other states enjoy the flat, straight roads of much of the state, seeing the region from behind handlebars while saving on gas.

Motorcycles and other vehicles with minimal protection for their drivers and passengers also pose more than their share of dangers. Even slow-speed collisions with objects or other cars can severely injure or kill people on motorcycles because there is nothing to stop the force from hitting a living body.

Charges to be filed in Ohio traffic death

Life in Ohio would be very difficult without cars, as anyone new to the state's flat expanses and comprehensive grid of roads can see. The state's position at the crossroads of the northern United States gives it a disproportionate number of highway miles for Buckeyes and outsiders alike to travel.

Driving while well-rested, avoiding distractions and never driving under the influence are all key rules for safe travels as a car, truck, bus or motorcycle driver. It is vital to properly yield and signal when changing lanes and executing other maneuvers that, if done quickly or carelessly, could cause serious injury or even death.

Biker killed in recent Ohio collision with dump truck

With its agreeable terrain and weather, Ohio is a wonderful home to thousands of motorcyclists and its many roads host countless more visitors exploring the region and beyond. Motorcycles are also a good choice for commuting in congested areas or saving on fuel, as well as giving the thrill of the open road to drivers and passengers.

Drivers of cars, trucks and buses have to be aware of motorcycles around their vehicles, as serious injury or death could be the result of even a minor accident involving a motorcycle. The Ohio State Highway Patrol and several local emergency response authorities advise extra care during dawn and sunset hours, when low-profile bikes are harder to spot.

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