Cincinnati Woman Gets Voice Back 30 Years After Car Accident

A 52-year-old Cincinnati, OH woman has amazingly regained her voice after losing it in a car accident over 35 years ago.

A 52-year-old Cincinnati, OH woman has amazingly regained her voice after losing it in a car accident over 35 years ago. The Ohio woman was only 17-years-old when she was traveling in a car that smashed into a telephone pole. She was violently flung forward in the collision, smashing her throat against the dashboard. Her larynx was crushed and her neck was broken in four places. Not long after the wreck, she was married and for almost four decades has not been able to physically speak with her husband. 'Most of my family has never really heard my original voice apart from my mother,' the woman says. The Cincinnati woman seemed accepting of the fact that she might never again be able to speak above a whisper. Then one day while the 52-year-old was shopping a stranger overheard her talking and handed her a card with the name and number of Dr. Sid Khosla, an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist at University Hospital. Dr. Khosla studied engineering at MIT before entering into medicine. He would go on to team with another University of Cincinnati professor and together they applied aerospace engineering technology to how wind influences a person's capability to speak.The Cincinnati woman immediately contacted the doctor. He told her that within seven operations he could give her back her voice. She agreed and 35 years after her devastating car accident the woman could once again talk. Her voice, which is still slightly hoarse, will recover over time. After decades of silence the woman is overjoyed as she's now able to be loud, clear, and finally able to express herself. Her husband is thrilled, too. But the woman jokes, 'He used to say he almost had a perfect wife, because I couldn't talk, but now I'm getting back at him.'

Cincinnati Car Accident Lawyer

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