Ohio Increasing Funding for Traffic Safety Campaigns like 'Click It or Ticket'

A lot of money is spent in Ohio and across the nation each year to promote and enforce traffic safety with large-scale awareness campaigns like '' and '.

Recently we spotlighted the tragic story of two Colerain High teens that lost their lives in a with a tractor trailer. It was speculated by the Butler County Sheriff's Office that the two young women may still be alive today if the 17-year-old driver hadn't been texting while driving. At the time of the article a bill was on its way to Governor Kasich that would officially ban texting while driving across the state. And now it's happened. On Friday, Ohio became the 39th state to outlaw texting behind the wheel when Governor Kasich signed the bill into law. Some cities within Ohio have long had bans on texting while driving and their own legislation has served as models for the statewide ban. Most notably is Cincinnati, which implemented a 'No Texting While Driving' ban in October 2010 that fined distracted drivers up to $150 in an attempt to prevent . But there are some noteworthy differences between Cincinnati's existing laws and the new bans. For one, the new statewide ban only makes texting while driving a secondary offense for adults.

A secondary offense is a violation that can only be made in addition to a greater offense (e.g., running a red light, speeding, failure to use a turn signal).

Cincinnati's original ban made texting while driving a first offense. Since 2010, people in Cincinnati have been pulled over for texting and driving alone; glancing down at your cell is reason enough to be ticketed. This will still be the case in Cincinnati. Ohio's new laws focus mainly on curbing distracted teens, the most likely to get into a fatal car accidents while texting. It will be illegal for any person under the age of 18 to text and drive under any circumstance. In fact, the use of a cellphone or any electronic device will be illegal -- no talking, texting, or looking at messages will be permitted.Teens that text and drive won't get the leniency of the crime being considered a secondary offense either. For them texting will always be a first offense, allowing them to get pulled over for cellphone use alone. A violation will see them fined as much as $300 and could even end with their licenses taken away entirely. These new statewide fines and penalties for teen texters are much stricter than the one's currently in place in Cincinnati, so the new ban will override the city's existing laws applying to teenage drivers only. The ban won't go into effect for 90 days, around August 30, and will be followed by a six-month warning period.

Cincinnati Auto Accident Lawyer

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