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Some basics on premises liability claims

Have you seen the news about the hillside collapse on Baum Street here in Cincinnati? It happened a few weeks ago. According to reports, a retaining wall gave way one early morning. Rubble and soil cascaded into two homes, forcing their residents to evacuate. No one was injured, but the company responsible for that wall is under court order to get things shored up and stable.

Tips to stay safe in motorcycle season

General Douglas MacArthur famously said, "Old soldiers never die, they just fade away." Sadly, the same cannot be said for motorcycle riders in Ohio. Their numbers fade away during the off-season, but when the weather warms up, they're back in spades. We are in that time of year again. Are you ready?

Whom do I sue if I've been injured in a truck accident?

Vehicle accidents involving commercial trucks are not the same as crashes between passenger vehicles. Trucks are always bigger and heavier than cars. It doesn't matter if the commercial vehicle is a pickup, a panel truck, a straight truck or semitrailer truck. The bigger they are, the more likely they are to cause significant injury to victims in collisions.

Regulatory flaws create unexpected crash injury risks

There was a time when car sales was considered the least trustworthy profession in the country. Today, according to the Gallup polling company, members of Congress sit at the bottom of the barrel. We aren't sure whether a survey of Cincinnati residents would match those national rankings, but it's probably fair to say the results wouldn't vary much.

What to do after a motor vehicle accident

Operating a motor vehicle comes with a certain amount of risk. As technology has improved, we have found new and creative ways to make driving safer, but we cannot eliminate the risk entirely. Because of their mass and the speeds at which they travel, even vehicles involved in minor accidents can have major consequences.

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