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Debunked: Motorcycle safety myths you should disregard right now

If there is one single goal all biking enthusiasts share, it is to avoid getting into a motorcycle accident. Not only does an accident result in inconvenience and property damage, it can cause catastrophic injuries or loss of life.

Is a structured settlement a good idea after a truck accident?

As in any legal action, there are good and not so good aspects of accepting a structured settlement for your truck accident injuries. The very first thing you should do is to make sure you understand the details of any structured settlement offered to you. Consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney serving Ohio is a great way to protect your interests during this process.

Coping with an amputation caused by a car accident

As you might imagine, losing a limb due to a car accident requires a huge amount of medical care. There will be surgeries, a lengthy hospital stay and ongoing therapies and medical treatment after release. While the health care element of amputation alone is a huge financial burden, patients will also face mental and emotional burdens as well.

Summer, animal bites and premises liability in Ohio

Animals can attack any time of the year, but summer seems to be the primary season for accidents involving animals. Like humans, animals come out of hiding in the summer months, increasing the risk of bites to Ohio residents. Whether it is dogs, cats or other critters, it is wise to be cautious around animals you do not know.

Autonomous vehicles in Ohio not a matter of if, but when

A handful of states have already passed laws creating a framework for the arrival of driverless cars and trucks. Ohio is not among them. But as an official in the state's Department of Transportation noted recently, it's not a matter of if these vehicles ply our roads, but when. The question that raises is how should we prepare?

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