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Ohio man is automated driving's first highway fatality

Driving is one of the United States' great traditions. New technologies and designs have allowed each of the last five generations of Americans to travel farther and faster than the one before it. We are now on the cusp of yet another development in driving: one that allows us to give control to automated driving systems.

Fatal bicycle crash highlights worsening trend in Ohio

Ohio roads pose a variety of dangers to motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians. Country highways are beset by speeders, and urban centers contain distracted motorists dealing with many different stimuli. Vigilance is important, as more fatalities occur on the roads every year.

The dangers of drunk driving in Ohio

Drunk driving is a serious problem in Ohio. More than 3,600 people were killed in an accident involving a drunk driver in the decade between 2003 and 2012, with relative rates slightly above the national average. Victims above the age of 20 were at special risk compared to the rest of the United States.

Help discourage your teen from distracted driving

You watch your child hit milestone after milestone. You remember when your baby first sat up. You and your extended family laughed at the way your child never crawled in a straight line. You even made countless attempts to catch your baby's first steps on camera. You watched as they would reach a foot out to take a step, wobble and then fall.

Semi-truck starts chain reaction accident on I-76

Motor vehicle accidents are difficult to avoid in dangerous situations, such as reckless driving on interstate highways and near construction projects. In some cases, a single incident can cause problems for many vehicles and their drivers at once, resulting in serious injuries and loss.

Interstate car accident in Ohio

A man from northern Ohio crashed a car into the back of a semitrailer on the shoulder of an interstate highway outside of Cincinnati on June 29. His car was observed weaving between lanes previously, and he was heading for a rest area when the accident occurred.

How to handle a hit and run accident

It is not fun to be the victim of a hit and run accident. A hit and run can refer to an auto collision in which one driver flees the scene or a situation where someone hits your car while it is unattended and they leave no contact info. There are still steps you can take to protect yourself financially and pursue a claim though.

Coping with an amputation caused by a car accident

As you might imagine, losing a limb due to a car accident requires a huge amount of medical care. There will be surgeries, a lengthy hospital stay and ongoing therapies and medical treatment after release. While the health care element of amputation alone is a huge financial burden, patients will also face mental and emotional burdens as well.

Autonomous vehicles in Ohio not a matter of if, but when

A handful of states have already passed laws creating a framework for the arrival of driverless cars and trucks. Ohio is not among them. But as an official in the state's Department of Transportation noted recently, it's not a matter of if these vehicles ply our roads, but when. The question that raises is how should we prepare?

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