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Person on scooter killed in collision outside Columbus

One of the most enjoyable and efficient ways to ply the roads of Ohio and the rest of the United States is by motorcycle. Thousands of Buckeyes and many more from other states enjoy the flat, straight roads of much of the state, seeing the region from behind handlebars while saving on gas.

Biker killed in recent Ohio collision with dump truck

With its agreeable terrain and weather, Ohio is a wonderful home to thousands of motorcyclists and its many roads host countless more visitors exploring the region and beyond. Motorcycles are also a good choice for commuting in congested areas or saving on fuel, as well as giving the thrill of the open road to drivers and passengers.

Ohio man killed in interstate motorcycle accident

Ohio is home to thousands of avid motorcycle drivers and hosts countless more visitors who want to experience the state's many cities and sights from behind handlebars. The hazards for bikers are several, however, and this is shown by the Buckeye State habitually having one of the country's highest motorcycle fatality rates.

Motorcycle accidents increase in Ohio

Motorcycles are a fast and convenient way to enjoy the road or get to a destination, and thousands of Ohioans own a motorcycle as a primary or secondary vehicle. Thanks to increased awareness and technological advances, the chances of a motorcycle crash resulting in injury or death have fallen overall.

Alcohol suspected in fiery motorcycle crash

Motorcycles are one of the most enjoyable and efficient ways to travel the roads, but motorcyclists are often at a disadvantage on the roads when it comes to safety. Bikes are narrower with fewer lights, which makes them more difficult for car and truck drivers to see. Inattentive drivers -- as well as intoxicated drivers -- can pose a grave danger to motorcycle operators and passengers.

Debunked: Motorcycle safety myths you should disregard right now

If there is one single goal all biking enthusiasts share, it is to avoid getting into a motorcycle accident. Not only does an accident result in inconvenience and property damage, it can cause catastrophic injuries or loss of life.

Tips to stay safe in motorcycle season

General Douglas MacArthur famously said, "Old soldiers never die, they just fade away." Sadly, the same cannot be said for motorcycle riders in Ohio. Their numbers fade away during the off-season, but when the weather warms up, they're back in spades. We are in that time of year again. Are you ready?

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