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New Ohio case challenges premises liability

Businesses should be able to offer customers and passersby a safe environment, where people cannot be injured or harmed by the building or anything inside it. This time-tested tradition, backed up by premises liability law, recently got a legal refresher in the Ohio Supreme Court and a surprising business location.

Understanding recreational user status in Ohio

Ohio is a great state for outdoor activity, and thousands of people from in and out of state enjoy hiking, fishing and other recreation on public and private lands. Accidents can happen in the forests and fields, and it is important for adventurers to know what protections they can expect.

Summer, animal bites and premises liability in Ohio

Animals can attack any time of the year, but summer seems to be the primary season for accidents involving animals. Like humans, animals come out of hiding in the summer months, increasing the risk of bites to Ohio residents. Whether it is dogs, cats or other critters, it is wise to be cautious around animals you do not know.

Some basics on premises liability claims

Have you seen the news about the hillside collapse on Baum Street here in Cincinnati? It happened a few weeks ago. According to reports, a retaining wall gave way one early morning. Rubble and soil cascaded into two homes, forcing their residents to evacuate. No one was injured, but the company responsible for that wall is under court order to get things shored up and stable.

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