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3 Ohio students killed in car crashes in 2 months

Driving is part of the economy and many traditions in Ohio. The Buckeye State is crossed by several limited-access highways such as interstates in addition to the checker-board network of state and local roads. Unfortunately, these roads with faster speeds and more diverse vehicle complements can be a dangerous place.

A Miami Valley community is reeling after three students from the same school district were confirmed dead in car crashes in the last two months. The latest victim, a 16-year-old member of the school band and swim team, was killed on a Clark County road after the driver of the car he was in slid off the road and collided with several objects.

Two other students from the same area and district died in a car accident in August 2017. The superintendent of the district said that the community is trying to deal with the devastation that these events left in their wake.

“We’re dong the best we can right now,” the superintendent said. “Our main goal is to get kids talking and to get them to express their emotions.”

Victims of motor vehicle accidents may have a successful civil legal claim against the at-fault drivver. Claims may include reimbursement for medical expenses, the total or portion of lost wages during recovery and financial damages for pain, suffering and emotional distress.

An attorney can help victims and their survivors sort out the options for investigations, settlements and court actions. This is often the last option for restitution for injured or killed victims.

Source: Fox 45 Now, “Third Greenon student killed in car crash in two months,” Rhonda Moore, Oct. 16, 2017


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