Case Results

$8,000,000.00 – Trucking/Pedestrian Case:   Settlement

Barry Rothchild had the privilege of representing a client who was standing on the sidewalk using his cell phone when struck by the side mirror of a passing truck that encroached over the curb. Through extensive pre-suit investigation and litigation, Rothchild Law Office overcame the insurance carriers denial of responsibility and reached a mediated result for the injured party and family.

$2,069,169.64 – Medical Malpractice Award: Trial Result

Rothchild Law Office was retained to represent a woman in a malpractice claim arising from a laparoscopic gallbladder removal. The office, with the assistance of co-counsel, litigated the claim over a 6 day jury trial which awarded our client $1,500,000.00.  The jury verdict was appealed by the doctor and the jury award of damages was upheld by the Court of Appeals. 18 months after the jury verdict was rendered, the defendant paid $2,069,169.64 which included interest.

$1,150,000.00 – Limousine Accident: Settlement

Rothchild Law Office assisted Florida counsel in the representation of a family who were injured when the limousine in which they were riding lost control and was involved in a single vehicle accident.

$903,000.00 – Tractor-Trailer/Motorcyle Accident with Unrestrained Dog Claim:  Mediation

Our client was riding her motorcycle on a winding country road and attempted to pass a tractor trailer parked on the edge of the road abutting high weeds and vegetation. While passing the parked truck, the adjacent property owner’s dog came running from the weeds, beneath the truck, and into the path of the passing motorcyclist.  The office successfully obtained a gross recovery of $903,000.00 which included a policy limits recovery from the dog owner’s homeowners insurance coverage and the majority of the truck insurance policy limits after substantial litigation.  The truck insurance company denied responsiblity for our client’s injury claiming the dog owner and the offices client were the negligent parties.

$854,000.00 – Automobile accident: Settlement

Our client a 12 year old child was a passenger in a vehicle which was involved in a head-on collision. Through the efforts of Barry Rothchild a total of $854,000 was recovered from four different insurance companies. Due to the law of Ohio which existed when this case was litigated, the client received full and fair compensation. Unfortunately, under current Ohio case law, if the same facts occurred today, the client would likely only recover $104,000.00. This case can be used to demonstrate how the law changes, and knowing the current status of the law is of vital importance.

$775,000.00 – Motor Vehicle Accident: Litigation: Settlement

Our client was involved in a rear end vehicle accident. Defendant insurance company would not offer fair compensation. The initial offer was 135,000.00.  2 years later, after extensive litigation, the case resolved at a pre-trial conference for $775,000.00 which was a 570% increase over the initial insurance company offer.

$755,000.00 – Nursing Home Negligence: Settlement

Rothchild Law Office was co-counsel in a wrongful death claim brought by an Ohio Estate for negligence against the nursing home at which our elderly client died. After extensive litigation on the verge of trial, the case settled for $755,000.00.

$640,000.00 – Recovery from Probate Estate of Deceased Father

Rothchild Law Office was hired to represent the interests of a minor child whose father was killed in a truck/vehicle accident. The office did not represent the estate of the deceased father but only the interest of the minor child whose mother was worried her daughter would be left out of her father’s estate because she was not the wife of the decedent and her daughter had not been formally acknowledged by the family.

$600,000.00 – Trampoline Accident:  Settlement

The office was co-counsel for a client who sustained a life altering injury in a trampoline accident at a July 4thparty. After nine years of litigation against multiple defendants, a settlement was reached. Throughout the proceedings the defendants denied liability to our client.

$600,000.00 – Medical Malpractice: Settlement

Our office was co-counsel in a medical negligence action arising from the failure of emergency room physician to render appropriate medical care to a individual who was suffering from an acute myocardial infarction. The litigation in lasted four years. Prior to trial, the hospital emergency room agreed to settle for $500,000.00 while the co-defendant cardiologists had previously agreed to settle for $100,000.00.

$500,000.00 – Construction Claim:  Trial

On the 3rd day of a Jury Trial, our client accepted a $500,000.00 settlement for injuries sustained on a construction site.  The Rothchild Law Office client was working as a house framer when a crane backed up on the construction site and into the pile of framing materials (wood) causing a piece of lumber to propel backwards like a projectile and crush Barry Rothchilds clients ankle against the foundation of the home.

$495,000.00 – Semi Truck Accident in Chicago: Settlement

With assistance of out-of-state Chicago litigation counsel, the office obtained a settlement for a semi-truck driver. The case was simultaneously handled as a workers compensation claim.  This claim was picked up by the office for representation after another Ohio attorney had returned the file to our client.

$455,000.00 – Vehicle Accident: Mediation

Our client was a passenger in a health center transport van on his way to a senior living daycare center when the van was involved in an accident. The van in which the client was riding was not the at fault party. The policy limits of $100,000.00 were recovered from the at fault driver’s insurance company and an additional $355,000.00 was recovered through litigation, and a mediated resolution, against the underinsured motorist insurance carrier of the health care center van in which our client was riding.

$385,000.00 – Motorcycle Accident: Settlement

Rothchild Law Office client was riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle when the at fault vehicle pulled out in front of him causing the collision. Our Client sustained a fractured ankle amongst other injuries. The initial offer was $200,000 and the ultimate settlement was almost 100% higher.

$350,000.00 – Motorcycle Accident: Settlement

The client was traveling on the interstate on his motorcylce stopped in traffic when he was hit from behind by a tractor-trailer.  The client sustained what were initially believed to be soft tissue injuries to his back; however, after months of poor health, the client sought treatment with a pain specialists and ultimately underwent back surgery.  Case was resolved for $350,000 as suit was being filed.

$325,000.00 – Client Fell Down Elevator Shaft: Settlement through Litigation

Our client, a drummer, was practicing at his friends art studio located in an old vacant warehouse building. The offices client fell down an open elevator shaft fracturing the calcaneus bone in his right heel.  The case was a disputed liability claim where the defense argued our client should have seen the open elevator shaft and as such was comparatively negligent for his own injuries. Through litigation and court discovery the office reached a favorable settlement.

$269,000.00 – Car Accident Case: Litigation

Client was injured when a vehicle turned left in front of her path of travel.  The office’s client sustained injuries which included a broken leg and associated soft tissue injuries. The Rothchild Law Office client obtained a gross recovery from 5 different insurance companies. Under 2017 Ohio law, this same client would be unable to recovery $150,000.00 of this recovery as Ohio law has changed since this claim was resolved.

$265,000.00 – Head on Motor Vehicle Collision: Settlement

Client sustained multiple injuries in a head on collision. Through the efforts of our office, client recovered 100% of the tortfeasor’s insurance policy coverage limits and 88% of her own underinsured motorist coverage limits.

$250,000.00 – Client was a passenger in a car accident where driver lost control:  Settlement

$243,000.00 – Fall Down: Settlement

Client was shopping at Kohl’s Department Store. The Kohl’s employee was pushing a “cart” and knocked down our client who sustained a fractured hip. Case was resolved in 14 months from injury to settlement.

$223,481.00 – Passenger in Motor Vehicle: Settlement

Client was injured while riding as a passenger in a vehicle where the driver abruptly changed lanes of travel, swerved off the roadway and drove the vehicle into a ditch. No contact was made with any other vehicle.

$215,000.00 – Driver of a Car Involved in Intersection Accident:  Settlement

Client, driving her family in a vehilce, was struck when other vehicle failed to obey a stop sign.  Client sustained personal injuries which included a fractured ankle and pelvis.  Client had a good physical recovery and received compensation commensurate with her injuries.  Also in her vehicle her passengers (family) received compensation of $16,000.00, $10,000 and $4,500 respectively for a gross recovery to the family of $245,500.00.

$190,000.00 – Defective Scissors Lift:  Mediation

Our client and his co-worker were hanging a garage door while using a scissors lift when the wheel of the scissors lift came off causing the elevated scissors lift to topple to the ground. Our client sustained a broken wrist, fractured arm, concussion, and assorted other injuries. Case was also handled simultaneously as a workers compensation claim. Case was filed in court and ultimately resolved through mediation.

$185,000.00 – Motor Vehicle Accident Victim: Settlement

Client was broadsided in a vehicle accident.  The case was settled and our client netted over $116,000.00 in net proceeds after payment of medical expenses, attorney’s fees and costs.

$164,913.50  Passenger in an Uninsured Motorist Collision:  Settlement

Client was a passenger in a vehicle involved in an uninsured motorist accident.  Recovery of $100,000 was obtained against client’s personal insurance coverage which was the policy limits of client’s insurance.  As client was a passenger in another owner’s car, client was also able to recover $64,913.50 in medical payments coverage.  The office secured a waiver of subrogation allowing the client to keep these funds which normally would have to be repaid to the insurance carrier.

$172,500.00 – Pedestrian Struck In Crosswalk: Settlement

Our Client sustained a fractured knee when struck as a pedestrian in a cross walk. She had surgery and made a good physical recovery. After attorney’s fees, medical subrogation and costs were paid, client’s net proceeds were $100,000 in tax free proceeds in her pocket for pain and suffering.

$145,000.00 – Pedestrian Struck While on Sidewalk:  Settlement

Client was pedestrian on the sidewalk struck by a vehicle leaving a CVS parking lot. Client sustained a leg fracture.

$135,000.00 – Passenger in at fault vehicle: Settlement

Client was a passenger in a car where the driver lost control of the vehicle and rolled the car multiple times.

$125,000.00 – Pedestrian Struck in the Cross Walk:  Settlement

Client was a pedestrian crossing the street in a cross walk. Our client was struck by a negligent vehicle operator. Client sustained a fractured wrist among assorted other ailments.

$120,000.00 – Wrongful Death Estate where Decedent had no heirs or next of kin:  Settlement

Barry Rothchild’s client was killed by a car while crossing the street. The decedent had no heirs. He was not married, had no siblings, he had no children, his parents were deceased and he had no aunts and uncles. Our client was killed instantly so he had no conscious pain and suffering.  The office was able to secure a $120,000.00 wrongful death settlement solely because the decedent had written a will which left his entire estate to his friend which allowed us to open up an Estate.  Without the will, there would have been no recovery at all as there was no individual who could have filed the wrongful death estate.

$114,000.00 – Vehicle Accident.  Settlement

Client sustained a fractured ankle and wrist. Case was settled without litigation.

$102,000.00 – Vehicle accident:  Settlement

Our client was injured in car accident. Upon extraction from his vehicle by “Jaws of Life”, our client sustained a severe puncture in the thigh by the “Jaws of Life”. A large component of clients injuries were caused by the paramedics who had immunity; however, the at fault driver’s insurance company who had caused the accident compensated our client as the injuries were directly and proximately caused by the accident.

$102,000.00 – Uninsured Motorist Claim:  Settlement

Our client a limousine driver sustained injury. A claim was made against the uninsured motorist coverage of the limousine he was driving while simultaneously pursuing a claim with the bureau of workers compensation.

$100,000.00 – Uninsured motorist case for soft tissue injuries. Settlement

The case had a true value of between $10,000.00 – $15,000.00.

Rothchild Law Office’s client’s insurance company had denied our clients claim as a fraud and subjected him to a sworn statement under oath pursuant to his insurance contract. During the sworn statement under oath, the defense counsel introduced manufactured documents as evidence which our office subsequently investigated and determined were fraudulently created.  The defense attorney had committed a fraud on the court. The office filed suit against the attorney and law firm for slander and defamation. The Insurance Company quickly settled the claim for $100,000.00 within weeks which was above the case value. Ultimately, the fraudulent attorney was turned into the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel and had his license suspended. The Ohio Supreme Court opinion can be found at the following link: Disciplinary Counsel v. Spencer


Insurance law only provides that an insurance company has to pay at most the pre-negotiated amount which has been agreed upon by the parties when and insurance policy is purchased. This amount is called the “policy limits”.

In personal injury practice it is common that clients who have “Million Dollar Injuries” come to my office with insurance policies written for the following coverage amounts: $12,500.00, $25,000.00, $50,000.00 or $100,000.00. It is impossible to make a million dollar recovery for a client when their policy is written for an amount far below $1,000,000.00.

Likewise, through my years of practice, I also see many client’s with smaller claims that are fortunate to be presenting their injury claim against significant insurance policies.  However, the fact that there may be a million dollar insurance policy involved does not make a $15,000.00 case worth any more than $15,000.00. More times than not, the policy limits of the insurance available does not correspond with the damages sustained by an injury victim.

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