Dangerous Prescription Drugs

So many people rely on prescription drugs to treat chronic pain, high blood pressure, infections and countless other health concerns. More often than not, the good these drugs do outweighs the possible negative side effects. But there are far too many instances of dangerous prescription drugs entering the marketplace and causing illness, injury and death to patients.

Pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers have a legal responsibility to provide products that are safe for public consumption and to create proper warning labels for packaging. If drug companies are negligent in their duties and you are harmed by their products, they can be held legally liable for your injuries.

Did you take a prescription or over-the-counter medication, trusting it would improve your health? Did the drug lead to serious injuries or cause severe side effects? Did you suffer medical complications from a recalled drug?

Attorney Barry Rothchild knows that most people take medications to recover from an illness or help treat a condition. The last thing people expect is to wind up in a hospital or deal with serious complications – due to the drug they thought would help them.

Why Are Dangerous Drugs On The Market?

  1. Drugs were rushed to market
  2. Inadequate testing and/or manufacturing oversight
  3. Improperly filled prescriptions
  4. Doctors prescribing deadly drug combinations

By taking action against a dangerous prescription drug manufacturer, negligent doctor or pharmacist, you can help prevent another person from suffering harm or injury. You may even save someone’s life by bringing a dangerous drug to the public’s attention.

Call or contact Rothchild Law Office at 513-579-8900 and an attorney will review your case and file a claim against a negligent pharmaceutical manufacturer or liable party. We have the knowledge and experience required to take on big pharmaceutical companies and will protect your rights and pursue the maximum financial recovery for your injuries.