Drunk Driving Accidents

Traffic accidents involving alcohol are far too common in the Cincinnati area and are among the leading causes of injury and death. Individuals who make the decision to drive while intoxicated not only endanger their own life, but also the lives of everyone else with whom they share the road.

Did You Know…

Drunk driving kills an average of 500 people every year in Ohio.

More than 30 percent of all fatal traffic accidents are alcohol-related.

One in three Americans will be involved in an alcohol-related crash.

A Rothchild Law Office, we’ve witnessed the damaging toll that drunk driving accidents take on victims and their families. We pursue every avenue to recover compensation for your injuries and losses from insurance companies and any potentially liable parties, such as bar owners.

You may be entitled to compensation related to the following:

    • Medical bills
    • Loss of income
    • Pain and suffering
    • Permanent or partial disability
    • Vehicle repair bills
  • Property damage

Have You Lost A Loved One In A Drunk Driving Accident?

If a drunk driver was at fault in causing your loved one’s death, we understand the tremendous loss you’ve suffered and will treat you with care and respect as we work together to determine the best course of legal action. If you choose to move forward, we will file a wrongful death lawsuit and fight vigorously on your behalf.

Our law firm has represented thousands of injured victims throughout the state of Ohio. We have a firm grasp of the laws specific to accident cases involving drunk drivers and will fight to get you the maximum amount of financial compensation and damages for your injuries.

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