Where You Hit By A Vehicle While Crossing The Street?

Whether walking to school or to your parked car, many Cincinnati residents regularly walk along the same routes as motor vehicles. If you were hit by a distracted, speeding or drunk driver, your injuries can be serious and may alter the course of your life forever.

From concussions and traumatic brain injuries to lacerations and broken bones, at Rothchild Law Office we know that pedestrians who are hit or struck by motor vehicles often face a long and painful recovery. We also know how stressful and overwhelming it can be to try to cope with the significant personal and financial hardships brought about by these accidents.

If you were hit by a car, truck, bus or other motor vehicle while walking, we’ll conduct a thorough investigation of your claim to collect any and all evidence that may support your case. Did you have the right of way? Was a driver talking or texting on a cellphone? Had a driver been drinking? Were you in the crosswalk? Did a driver run a traffic light?

If negligence can be demonstrated to show that your injuries were the fault of another, we will take aggressive legal action to recover the money you deserve.

When Alcohol Is A Factor In A Pedestrian Accident

If you were hit by a driver who was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, this evidence is crucial to your case and can help us secure compensation for your injuries. Drivers who are drunk or impaired by illegal, prescription or even over-the-counter drugs are more likely to make driving errors like running stop signs or failing to see pedestrians in crosswalks.

If your spouse, child or loved one was hit by a drunk driver while crossing the street and suffered fatal injuries, we will take swift action on your behalf. We will go to probate court to set up an estate and immediately begin to present a wrongful death claim.

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