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Avoiding motorcycle accidents in Ohio

Ohioans on two wheels are more vulnerable than those who travel on four. Although the Buckeye State has one of the highest proportions of motorcycles in the United States, awareness is not high enough to avoid all accidents that can cause serious injury, permanent disability or even death to bikers and their passengers.

Danger is always present for bicyclists and motorcyclists because even a minor collision could spell disaster to a rider’s person. Two-wheeled vehicles are more difficult to see, despite their heightened maneuverability, and car drivers are more likely to act as if they are not there.

This is why one of the best rules for defensive motorcycle driving is to act as if no driver can see them. Avoiding potential blind spots and ignoring conventional stopping distances while deferring to overcautiousness are ideas that can save a life.

Although the drivers of cars and trucks are the “windows to the soul,” so to speak, the best way to determine their future movement is by watching the wheels. Lane changes, surprise turns and other behavior that would be otherwise unpredictable can be foreseen by looking at the movement of wheels.

Turns are one of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents. Watching for turn signals, slowing down near intersections and avoiding cars and trucks that are making quick lane changes is a top way to avoid collisions.

Victims of motorcycle accidents have the right to seek compensation or reimbursement for medical expenses and other costs. An attorney may help victims and their families judge the likelihood of success in settlements, court actions and other legal actions.

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