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Biker killed in recent Ohio collision with dump truck

Biker killed in recent Ohio collision with dump truck

With its agreeable terrain and weather, Ohio is a wonderful home to thousands of motorcyclists and its many roads host countless more visitors exploring the region and beyond. Motorcycles are also a good choice for commuting in congested areas or saving on fuel, as well as giving the thrill of the open road to drivers and passengers.

Drivers of cars, trucks and buses have to be aware of motorcycles around their vehicles, as serious injury or death could be the result of even a minor accident involving a motorcycle. The Ohio State Highway Patrol and several local emergency response authorities advise extra care during dawn and sunset hours, when low-profile bikes are harder to spot.

Dusk was a deadly time of day on a recent Sunday in Trumbull County, where a motorcycle driver was killed and his passenger injured after a collision on Ohio State Route 88. The bike struck the back of a dump truck that had just turned right onto the road in front of it.

The 43-year-old motorcycle driver and his 27-year-old passenger were transported to a local hospital, where the driver later died. The accident remains under investigation.

Victims of motorcycle accidents involving drivers at fault may consider a claim for reimbursement of medical expenses and compensation for pain, suffering and wages lost during recovery. An attorney with experience in dealing with these type of injuries may be helpful when victims and their families are examining their options in an attempt to be made whole after a crash.

Source: WKBN, “Cortland man killed in Mecca Twp. motorcycle accident,” Oct. 23, 2017


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