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Snow conditions have arrived in Ohio

Snows have arrived in the northern Midwest, and the thoughts of many Ohioans have turned to the conditions of the roads. From the trench-lined state roads of rural counties to the wide interstate highways that thunder through Cincinnati and Columbus, snow and ice can turn pavement slippery or even deadly.

Delays are a normal part of Ohio's winters, from slower driving speeds to closed roads after collisions. Safe driving requires patience and cooperation between car drivers, truck drivers and pedestrians to make sure no one is hurt and no vehicles are seriously damaged.

Underage Ohio boy in custody after involvement in a car accident

As winter begins and blankets the Midwest with the usual coats of ice and snow, the thoughts of Ohioans turn to road safety in a way that few other seasons can evoke. Slippery road conditions, black ice and reduced visibility during snowfall are all factors that increase the chances of collisions and other car accidents.

Many traffic accidents in the Buckeye State are minor "fender-benders," resulting in little more than minor damage to a car or truck. But distracted driving, careless attention to road conditions and poor judgment can lead to high-speed collisions, which may result in serious injury, disability or even death.

Take steps to protect yourself following a pedestrian crash

As you make your way down the street by foot, your focus is on getting to your destination as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, a car driven by a careless driver suddenly hits you from behind, knocking you to the ground.

You receive an injury, and now, your biggest focus is on getting to the hospital. Fortunately, you have the right to seek justice if hurt in a pedestrian crash resulting from another person's negligence in Ohio.

Onset of winter conditions create hazards on Ohio roads

Many Ohioans rely on cars and trucks to get to work, home and the other important places in their lives. The Buckeye State would grind to a halt without the highways that connect Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus and the secondary roads that reach every part of the countryside.

Everyone in Ohio knows that the roads become hazardous and require extra time and attention during the harsh Midwestern winters. Snow can obscure vision, make road surfaces slippery and come down so fast that drifts can fill the signature trenches that line the sides of many state roads.

Avoiding motorcycle accidents in Ohio

Ohioans on two wheels are more vulnerable than those who travel on four. Although the Buckeye State has one of the highest proportions of motorcycles in the United States, awareness is not high enough to avoid all accidents that can cause serious injury, permanent disability or even death to bikers and their passengers.

Danger is always present for bicyclists and motorcyclists because even a minor collision could spell disaster to a rider's person. Two-wheeled vehicles are more difficult to see, despite their heightened maneuverability, and car drivers are more likely to act as if they are not there.

Understanding Ohio's premises liability laws

Premises liability may seem like a simple legal principle -- almost as easy as slipping and falling itself. But Ohio property holders and business owners must be aware of the different types of liability they may incur if someone is injured on their premises.

Torn carpeting, poor lighting, cracked flooring or other substandard conditions can cause a customer or visitor to slip or trip, causing an injury. Even a minor injury can open up the owner or tenant of the property -- the person or organization responsible for its upkeep -- to legal responsibility.

5 tips for riding a motorcycle in the winter

Winter may not seem like the time to take the motorcycle out for a spin, but there’s no reason a little cold should stop you. With the right safety precautions, motorcycling in winter can be a fun experience.

Here are five tips for getting out on your motorcycle out this season for an enjoyable, injury-free ride.

Don’t read this while driving

We’ve all driven by them. You see the cell phone held up by the steering wheel, the person’s face bathed in the glow from the screen as they text. Their speed is reduced below the rest of traffic and they are often drifting around the lane like a bowling ball bouncing off the bumpers as it slowly rolls down the alley at a kid’s birthday party. This kind of driving is not safe for anyone.

Distracted driving defined

Students injured in truck collision with school bus

Ohio is crossed by major roads and limited-access highways in every direction, which speeds transit around and through the Buckeye State. These roads are safe in general, but occasional accidents can be harmful to drivers and passengers alike.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol stated that fatal accidents have been on the rise in Ohio for the last three years. This leads drivers to take extra caution to prevent damaging and injurious collisions.

Ohio law enforcement investigates traffic death trends

The roads of Ohio are largely safe for travelers and commuters, who enjoy the long and straight expanses of roads across the rural parts of the state and efficient highways near its cities. However, a recent upswing in traffic deaths gives drivers and traffic enforcement officers pause to consider the causes.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating trends in fatal accidents across the state as the year comes to a close. At least 1,000 traffic casualties occurred in three of the last five years up to 2016, according to the patrol's estimations.

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