September 2017 Archives

New Ohio case challenges premises liability

Businesses should be able to offer customers and passersby a safe environment, where people cannot be injured or harmed by the building or anything inside it. This time-tested tradition, backed up by premises liability law, recently got a legal refresher in the Ohio Supreme Court and a surprising business location.

Halloween safety tips for parents and teens

The sweetest and scariest time of the year is just a few weeks away. Your teenager has probably told you what they want to be for Halloween this year, and now you are working to help them prepare their costume. As you think about what they wear, you have also probably considered how they will be safe, especially now as they grow more independent.

Construction zone accident claims Ohio truck driver's life

Ohio's place between the American heartland and the industrial Northeast ensures that constant freight and passenger traffic occupy the state's many roads and highways. Constant use has led to increasing numbers of construction projects and workers on those roads, which can cause hazards for drivers.

Ohio man is automated driving's first highway fatality

Driving is one of the United States' great traditions. New technologies and designs have allowed each of the last five generations of Americans to travel farther and faster than the one before it. We are now on the cusp of yet another development in driving: one that allows us to give control to automated driving systems.

Recent truck inspections show troubling trends

Much of the United States' domestic cargo gets to its destination by truck, leading to heavy traffic on interstate highways and roads near large cities and towns. Ohio, the gateway between the Northeast and the Midwest, hosts a large proportion of truck traffic near its major cities.

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