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4 injured in snow-related Ohio car crash

The roads of Ohio are often quite safe, with long straight expanses of state roads that resemble a grid pattern across much of the state. The position of the Buckeye State at the crossroads of the Northeast and the Midwest regions brings millions of cars and trucks onto the roads from various parts of the state and elsewhere around the continent.

Driver in truck accident may have had suspended license

Ohio is highly dependent on land transportation for its economic health and its people's ability to travel and commute. The rules of the road protect drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike by restricting dangerous behavior and ensuring drivers are qualified.

Don't ruin your Thanksgiving with an alcohol-related accident

Thanksgiving is fast approaching. Many families like to have few drinks during their holiday celebrations--maybe some wine at dinner, or a few beers while watching football. Enjoying alcohol with your meal is fine in moderation, but beware the consequences of driving under the influence. You may not feel tipsy, but it is all too easy to underestimate your own level of intoxication.

Person on scooter killed in collision outside Columbus

One of the most enjoyable and efficient ways to ply the roads of Ohio and the rest of the United States is by motorcycle. Thousands of Buckeyes and many more from other states enjoy the flat, straight roads of much of the state, seeing the region from behind handlebars while saving on gas.

Charges to be filed in Ohio traffic death

Life in Ohio would be very difficult without cars, as anyone new to the state's flat expanses and comprehensive grid of roads can see. The state's position at the crossroads of the northern United States gives it a disproportionate number of highway miles for Buckeyes and outsiders alike to travel.

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