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Debunked: Motorcycle safety myths you should disregard right now

If there is one single goal all biking enthusiasts share, it is to avoid getting into a motorcycle accident. Not only does an accident result in inconvenience and property damage, it can cause catastrophic injuries or loss of life.

Word of mouth is a powerful phenomenon that can directly affect one’s approach to riding a motorcycle. For example, if several people tell you that wearing a helmet increases your likelihood of injury in a motorcycle accident, you may come to regard the statement as fact. Believing in myths is like gambling with your life. Instead, take the time to learn about real motorcycle safety before you gear up for your next ride.

Having one drink is harmless: Just as it is with car and truck safety, this is a myth when biking. Even a single drink can affect your mental and cognitive functions. Don’t risk your life.

City streets provide the safest route: Riding along city streets presents obstacles and hazards you can avoid on interstates and highways.

Lay down your bike if you are going to crash: Remember, avoiding all types of motorcycle accidents is the primary goal. Instead of laying down your bike and sliding, use your brakes effectively and you can either slow down significantly or avoid the crash altogether.

Helmets hurt more than they help: Helmet use is a source of great controversy. Regardless of what your friends believe, the vast majority of experts say that helmets can save your life and prevent brain damage. In the end, will you trust your head and your brain to the word of mouth provided by your peers or to the science involved in motorcycle accident studies?

Remember, motorcycle accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. Stay safe on Cincinnati roadways and consider talking with a lawyer if you have suffered harm in a motorcycle crash.

Source:, “11 Big Motorcycle Safety Myths,” Art Friedman, accessed June 28, 2017


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