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Legal Ethics

The link is a video from Louisville, Ky. The actions of the lawyer are pathetic.

You need to trust your personal-injury-lawyer. If the news story is true, the lawyer betrayed his client, and hurt the reputations of all attorneys as confidants and counselors.

In my law practice, I have dealt with unethical lawyers. I am not naive to the poor ethical decisions others make. For example, over 20 years ago, I combated an attorney who forged documents, medical records, a complaint and an accident report to defeat my clients personal injury action. Ultimately, I uncovered the lawyers deception. He was suspended from the practice of law by the Ohio Supreme Court, and was forced to resign his position with his insurance defense law firm.

I provide this basic post to inform consumers to be cautious of who you hire as a lawyer. Make sure you vet the lawyer to the best of your ability.

I hope when you have a need for personal-injury legal services, I am the lawyer you contact. I can be reached at 513-579-8900, when and if that time arises.

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