Dog Bites

An estimated 44 percent of all U.S. households own a dog. While often referred to as man’s best friend, every dog has the capacity to become aggressive and bite. Dog attacks can result in serious physical injuries including cuts, bruises, punctures and broken bones and leave those impacted suffering to cope with permanent scaring, disfigurement and emotional trauma.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 4.5 million dog bites are reported each year.

If you or a family member is bit by a dog, the attorneys at Rothchild Law Office will review your case and take steps to help you recover compensation for your injuries and losses. Ohio is among the states that impose statutory strict liability for dog bites. This means that the dog’s owner is liable to an injured victim.

Steps To Take After A Dog Bite

Dog bites can inflict deep and sometimes deadly wounds, and there is also the risk of infection, so it’s important to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

After you receive medical treatment for a dog bite injury, the next step is to contact a personal injury attorney at Rothchild Law Office. We’ve helped victims of dog bites throughout Cincinnati and Ohio and will work to recover compensation related to:

    • Medical bills
    • Pain and suffering
    • Diminished or lost wages
    • Permanent or partial disability
    • Reconstructive or plastic surgery
  • Therapy

If you have been injured by a dog bite an insurance company may offer to settle, but likely only for a small percentage of what you are actually entitled to receive. Call a lawyer at our firm today at 513-579-8900 or contact us online and we will fight to recover the compensation you deserve.