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Recent truck inspections show troubling trends

Much of the United States’ domestic cargo gets to its destination by truck, leading to heavy traffic on interstate highways and roads near large cities and towns. Ohio, the gateway between the Northeast and the Midwest, hosts a large proportion of truck traffic near its major cities.

Safety is a top priority among truck drivers, fleet owners and the motorists near trucks who rely on properly-maintained equipment to avoid property damage and injury. New and existing technologies help maintain safety ratings and avoid catastrophe on the road.

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance hosted its 30th annual International Roadcheck across the U.S. and Canada over the summer of 2017, when 62,000 safety inspections were conducted by professional evaluators on trucks and trailers. The results give drivers pause when assessing their own safety.

The Alliance reported that 23 percent of inspected trucks had major safety problems that caused big rigs to be pulled out of service until repairs were conducted. Vehicle brake systems, lighting and steering mechanisms were top suspects for defects and wear. Tires and cargo securements were also common problems.

Safety issues with trucks can lead to tragic consequences, with the possibility of injuries and even deaths. Victims of truck crashes and their families are entitled to seek reimbursement for medical expenses and compensation for pain and suffering from truck drivers and operator at fault in accidents.

A legal advisor is a helpful member of a team seeking to rectify damage done in a truck accident. Consider representation if you are recovering from injuries sustained in a truck collision.

Source: The Legal Examiner, “Road Check: Are Big Trucks Safe?,” Michael Leizerman, Aug. 29, 2017


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