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Snow conditions have arrived in Ohio

Snows have arrived in the northern Midwest, and the thoughts of many Ohioans have turned to the conditions of the roads. From the trench-lined state roads of rural counties to the wide interstate highways that thunder through Cincinnati and Columbus, snow and ice can turn pavement slippery or even deadly.

Delays are a normal part of Ohio’s winters, from slower driving speeds to closed roads after collisions. Safe driving requires patience and cooperation between car drivers, truck drivers and pedestrians to make sure no one is hurt and no vehicles are seriously damaged.

2018 began with a variety of traffic issues spanning the state from Ashtabula County to Cuyahoga County, with six emergency management agencies issuing snow and ice warnings within the first week of the year. It is important that drivers understand what snow warnings mean when they are issued.

Level 1 snow emergencies signify blowing or drifting snow, which can affect road surfaces. Level 2 suggest that roads may also be slippery due to ice. This means that roads should be clear of drivers who do not need to travel at the time.

Level 3 closes all roadways to nonemergency personnel. Only personal or travel emergencies should be the reason for driving on the roads, and employers should be notified that driving would be dangerous to their workers.

Victims of car accidents in bad winter weather or other conditions may have a case for financial damages if a party did not take appropriate care to avoid collisions. An attorney may help victims and their families sort out the legal options for restitution.

Source: Dayton Daily News, “Leftover flurries, dusty winds to cause slick roads across region,” Jan. 13, 2018


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