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Take steps to protect yourself following a pedestrian crash

As you make your way down the street by foot, your focus is on getting to your destination as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, a car driven by a careless driver suddenly hits you from behind, knocking you to the ground.

You receive an injury, and now, your biggest focus is on getting to the hospital. Fortunately, you have the right to seek justice if hurt in a pedestrian crash resulting from another person’s negligence in Ohio.

What to do at the accident scene

After a car has hit you, if possible, you may want to take pictures of the accident scene as well as of your injuries. In addition, collecting any physical items at the crash scene may be necessary to preserve evidence of the damage that the accident caused and who caused it.

While at the scene, you may also want to talk to anybody who witnessed the collision. Then, when you leave the crash scene, you can make notes about the conversations you had with those who saw or were involved in the collision. In addition, it may behoove you to write down details about the accident and any losses you suffered due to it — for instance, the loss of wages.

Seeking monetary compensation

If you have suffered harm in a pedestrian accident, you may seek financial compensation. Although monetary compensation cannot undo the events that led to your injuries, it may help you to address your medical bills and other expenses related to the accident. In addition, it might be helpful for addressing pain and suffering along with emotional distress stemming from the collision. In the end, you may be able to more easily move forward from the life-altering ordeal.

Partial fault for your accident

In some cases, a pedestrian who has suffered injuries in an accident may be partly to blame for the crash. After all, just as drivers have a duty to exercise reasonable care around them on the road, pedestrians also have a duty to observe road conditions in a reasonable manner and abide by traffic laws.

If the court determines that you played a role in the accident, this might reduce the amount of compensation you eventually recover. For instance, if you are considered to be 40% at fault, your compensation award might decrease by this percentage. You have the right to pursue the maximum amount of compensation available to you in light of your injuries and the facts surrounding your pedestrian crash.


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