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Understanding Ohio’s premises liability laws

Premises liability may seem like a simple legal principle — almost as easy as slipping and falling itself. But Ohio property holders and business owners must be aware of the different types of liability they may incur if someone is injured on their premises.

Torn carpeting, poor lighting, cracked flooring or other substandard conditions can cause a customer or visitor to slip or trip, causing an injury. Even a minor injury can open up the owner or tenant of the property — the person or organization responsible for its upkeep — to legal responsibility.

If the person responsible for the property could have prevented an accident as part of reasonable maintenance, that person is generally consider liable for the results of the accident. The victim has the right under Ohio law to sue for reimbursement of medical expenses, compensation for lost wages during recovery and other costs and payments. In addition, the victim may be eligible to sue for pain and suffering.

If a victim of a slip-and-fall or other accident to which premises liability applies has the reasonable expectation of future expenses related to the injury, he or she may also sue for future medical expenses. Loss of consortium — social qualities such as friendship — and loss of life’s other enjoyments can also open a property owner up to financial liability.

A legal representative is often a good member of a victim’s team seeking to rectify a slip-and-fall accident and its resultant effects on a normal life. A lawyer can help identify if a property owner should be sued for premises liability after an accident.

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