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Whom do I sue if I’ve been injured in a truck accident?

Vehicle accidents involving commercial trucks are not the same as crashes between passenger vehicles. Trucks are always bigger and heavier than cars. It doesn’t matter if the commercial vehicle is a pickup, a panel truck, a straight truck or semitrailer truck. The bigger they are, the more likely they are to cause significant injury to victims in collisions.

Because of the size and weight differences, Ohio and federal regulations of operation – including the licensing of drivers – are much more stringent than for the average driver. And with the extra layers of oversight comes a greater duty of care. These are things victims need to be aware of to protect their rights under the law. Consulting experienced counsel provides confidence that you will obtain all the compensation you are due.

How truck accidents are different

To be fair, the majority of truck drivers on the road are conscientious and well trained. The more experienced of them tend to display a great deal more care when behind the wheel. However, hundreds of thousands of them still contribute to serious accidents across the country every year. Tens of thousands of victims suffer serious injury and thousands more die.

We’ve already mentioned that size and weight differences are major contributors to collisions. Whether a truck is empty or carrying a load plays a major factor in the physics of a crash, too. A fully loaded truck won’t be able to stop as quickly as an empty one, or any lighter vehicle. If a shipment isn’t properly loaded, shifting can occur and throw off how the vehicle handles.

Also, when a crash does occur, the list of those who might be potentially liable is not limited to just the driver. Business structures in trucking can be very complicated. The driver may be an owner or just an employee of the trucking firm. The shipper may lease the unit from the company. Another company might be responsible for loading the truck. If yet another firm cares for the vehicle, that company could be held accountable if improper maintenance can be proven.

As a victim, you are unlikely to be in any position to trace the line of duty of care and hold all appropriate parties accountable. That is why it is always advisable to have your case assessed by a skilled attorney.


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