Nursing Home Abuse

Many Ohio families struggle with how to provide for an aging parent’s or grandparent’s health and safety needs. A growing number of families are turning to residential assisted living and nursing home facilities to provide a loved one with the round-the-clock care and supervision he or she requires. In Ohio alone, an estimated 80,000 people currently live in nursing homes, and while most caregivers have good hearts and intentions, nursing home and elder abuse and neglect are common and often go unreported.

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Ohio are, unfortunately, easy targets for abusers. The elderly and disabled must depend on staff members to help them with everything from dressing and bathing to eating and transportation. Due to this power imbalance, it’s often difficult for vulnerable adults who are being neglected or abused to speak up and, in many cases, victims are threatened with even worse treatment if they do report abuse or neglect.

Is Your Loved One Being Neglected Or Abused?

Abuse and neglect in assisted living and nursing home facilities can take many forms including physical, sexual and emotional abuse and failing to provide for a resident’s physical and medical needs.

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