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What would you do in this situation? A teenage boy who was witnessing his young neighbor getting mauled by a pit bull sprang into action to save the young child. As shown in a video, a dog jumped on a 6 year old child knocking him to the ground. Other children playing in the vicinity […]

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Legal Ethics

The link is a video from Louisville, Ky. The actions of the lawyer are pathetic. You need to trust your personal-injury-lawyer. If the news story is true, the lawyer betrayed his client, and hurt the reputations of all attorneys as confidants and counselors. In my law practice, I have dealt with unethical lawyers. I […]

Ohio driver charged after fatal motorcycle collision

On behalf of Rothchild Law Office posted in Motorcycle Accidents on Wednesday, February 21, 2018. There are plenty of good and safe roads crossing the Buckeye State, and there are also every kind of vehicle on them at most times. Ohio has one of the highest rates of motorcycle ownership, as they make travel easier, […]


Man killed by truck in Cleveland

On behalf of Rothchild Law Office posted in Truck Accidents on Tuesday, February 13, 2018. Trucks are common in Ohio, with the large flat expanses of the state to cover, although truck accidents are fortunately not as common. They can be dangerous when they occur, as the sheer mass of most commercial vehicles can cause […]


2 killed in recent highway accident in eastern Ohio

On behalf of Rothchild Law Office posted in Car Accidents on Wednesday, February 7, 2018. Winter is here, and the chances of car accidents and other injuries due to slippery road surfaces increase in Ohio with the season every year. Even without snow and ice, there are many possible causes of a vehicle collision that […]