Getting To Know Barry Rothchild

Barry Rothchild Working in Office

Barry Rothchild is a personal injury lawyer who runs Rothchild Law Office.  As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer, Barry discovered his passion for helping injury victims while studying law at The Ohio State University.  Barry is committed to helping Ohioans who suffer injuries through no fault of their own. Barry pursue’s claims for client’s that revolve around the negligent conduct of others.

When you hire Barry for your car, truck or motorcycle accident,  you receive one-on-one attention. Barry Rothchild will work on your case to make sure the claim is handled in a timely fashion. Barry will also make sure you understand your legal options.  Throughout the claims process, Barry Rothchild will communicate with you by telephone and through US mail.

In every case, Barry Rothchild handles, he sends his client a courtesy copy of every letter that leaves his office. As a client, you will be fully informed of the status of your claim at every juncture in the proceedings.  Further, Barry encourages all his clients to call him directly with his questions. If Barry is available, he will take your phone call personally.  Otherwise, Barry Rothchild promptly returns client phone calls within 24 hours.  Barry realizes that the claim belongs to the client at all times. Barry realizes this simple fact which many other lawyers tend to forget. As a client Barry Rothchild realizes you, the client, are what is important. As such, you, the client, will be Barry’s top priority.  

After three decades practicing law, Barry understands the challenges and frustrations injury victims face as you attempt to physically recover. It is often difficult for a client to juggle injuries, pain, and inconvenience, with personal finance. As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer, Barry Rothchild understands you may be forced to pay accident-related property damage and repair expenses, as well as medical expenses, which are not your fault. At Rothchild Law Office, we are here for you — to answer questions, provide legal guidance and fight to recover compensation.

Many past client’s vouch for the commitment of Barry Rothchild to his clients.  Recently, Angela, a former client, posted the following glowing 5 star review on Google:

“Barry has been my attorney since I was 14 yrs, he has represented me and my mother and sister, in several accident cases for myself that I have had the unfortunate experience to either be a passenger in an automobile accident or the driver and was not at fault. Barry will keep you informed every step of the way. He is honest and will work tirelessly to settle your case in a timely manner and get you fair compensation.  He will keep you informed every step of the way…”

Please take a moment and read the reviews and testimonials of prior clients of the office.  The reviews will truly give you a sense of the commitment of Barry Rothchild to his clients. 

Barry Rothchild Is Committed To You And Committed To Getting Results

After an accident, your time and attention should be devoted to regaining your physical strength. It is important to Barry that you resume all of the activities you previously enjoyed. Unfortunately, painful and disabling injuries may prevent you from quickly returning to work. Further, painful and disabling injury may also prevent you from enjoying time with your family. Additionally, mounting medical bills and other case related expenses can cause stress and anxiety and create serious financial hardships.

As an injury victim and a client, you should not have to focus on dealing with an insurance company.  As a client your sole focus should be on repairing the damage done to your life. By hiring Barry Rothchild you can relieve the stress and worry an insurance claim brings and focus on your physical recovery.

At Rothchild Law Office, we know the devastating toll injuries such as broken bonesspinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries can take on your physical health, personal relationships and financial security. We know what all clients really seek is physical well being and hope.  Therefore, we will do everything in our power to obtain the compensation you need to move forward with your life.

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