What You Can Do Before You Are Involved In An Accident

Believe it or not, recovering the full compensation to which you are entitled from an accident begins well before the collision occurs.  Ohio laws, which are similar to the laws of the other States of our Nation, require everyone who operates a motorized vehicle carry what is commonly referred to as “state minimum insurance” or a “state bond” referred to by the term SR-22. In December 2013, the minimum automobile insurance policy coverage that can be sold by and insurance company and purchased by an Ohio consumer was increased to limits of $25,000.00 per person and $50,000.00 per accident for bodily injury sustained in a motor vehicle accident. Often the minimum insurance coverage mandated by a state, such as Ohio, is inadequate when a loss occurs.

Protect Your Financial Interests

When purchasing auto insurance for yourself and your loved ones, make sure that you understand the coverages which you are buying. Barry Rothchild is always willing to discuss this topic with consumers.  If you have an insurance purchase question, please feel free to contact Barry Rothchild and discuss your purchase. NEVER buy an insurance policy on price alone. Often, consumers buy the cheapest policy, which likely provides the state minimal coverage. It is paramount that you know your insurance coverage. Not all full coverage policies are the same.  You must realize that the insurance agent who is selling the policy represents the insurance company and not you, the purchaser.  The sales agents interest will be directed at protecting the company not you.

In a vehicle insurance policy, there are several coverages within the body of the policy, which you should insist are included in your purchase. Of utmost importance is the acquisition of Uninsured and Underinsuredmotorist coverage. This coverage is not mandated to be carried by Ohio law; however, you should NEVER buy an insurance policy without including Uninsured and Underinsred motorist coverages as many, many drivers on the roads of this state do not carry insurance and are in violation of the law. If one of these drivers causes harm to you or your loved ones, it is crucial that you have an uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance policy in place on your vehicle to protect your immediate family and those who may be riding in your car.

Be Informed And Prepared — Call Rothchild Law Office Today

At Rothchild Law Office, we suggest all consumers be proactive in knowing what insurance coverage they carry. Feel free to contact the law office by phone or email in advance of an accident to discuss the interaction of insurance coverages, your family, vehicles and the law. The office is always willing to help you, the Ohio consumer, acquire information on coverage.

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