Helping You Move Forward After A Motor Vehicle Accident

Annually, hundreds of thousands of drivers and passengers are involved in traffic accidents on Ohio’s roadways, highways, interstates and freeways. Many accident victims suffer injuries, a significant percentage of which can be serious or fatal. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a car, truck or motorcycle accident in which another driver was at fault, you can contact an attorney and take legal action to recover compensation for your personal and financial losses. Likewise, if you were a pedestrian or a bicyclist and were injured because of the negligence of a driver of a car, truck, motorcycle or any motorized vehicle, you may have an injury claim which would be classified as a motor vehicle accident.

At Rothchild Law Office, we have the necessary knowledge and experience to bring about a favorable outcome in your personal injury case. We understand the significant personal and financial hardships you and your family face after an accident, and we aggressively pursue the most advantageous legal avenues to recover the compensation you deserve.

Recover Compensation For Your Injuries

Rothchild Law Office provides strong legal advocacy to individuals who suffer injuries due to the negligent actions of other drivers in:

• Car accidents — Was a driver speeding? Was a driver under the influence of alcohol?
• Truck accidents — Did a truck driver fall asleep? Was a truck properly maintained?
 Motorcycle accidents — Did a driver fail to see you? Did a driver signal a lane change?
 Pedestrian accidents — Did a driver run a traffic light? Was a walk signal illuminated?
• Bicycle accidents — Was a driver in the bike lane? Were you hit by a car door?

Engineers have worked tirelessly to make today’s motor vehicles safer than ever; however, there are also more vehicles on the road and drivers are more distracted than in prior years. How many times have you seen a driver texting and driving? Consequently, the roads of Ohio still remain dangerous. If you are involved in a car or truck accident in which another driver was speeding, drunk, distracted, texting or merely not paying attention, we will fight to recover compensation to help you pay for your medical bills, make up for lost wages and account for disabling injuries.

Contact our Cincinnati office today at 513-579-8900 and speak with Barry Rothchild or reach out online. We offer free consultations and, if you choose to move forward and file a personal injury claim, you pay nothing unless we are successful.