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Ohio driver charged after fatal motorcycle collision

There are plenty of good and safe roads crossing the Buckeye State, and there are also every kind of vehicle on them at most times. Ohio has one of the highest rates of motorcycle ownership, as they make travel easier, cheaper and more enjoyable in many ways.

Bikes also pose more hazards than a lot of other vehicles, and drivers of all kinds have to be aware of them. The low profile of smaller vehicles makes them harder to see and more likely to be struck in an accident, especially in times of low visibility or if drivers are distracted.

Accidents involving motorcycle riders are also more likely to cause severe injury or even death, due to the lack of protections offered by bikes compared to cars and trucks. People who cause dangerous or fatal motorcycle accidents may be responsible in civil or criminal court for related charges.

A woman is facing jail time for an accident that caused the death of an Ohio fire chief late in 2017. She was driving a van on Ohio State Route 45 in Ashtabula County’s Saybrook Township when the vehicle collided with a motorcycle carrying the fatally injured man and his brother.

A subsequent investigation led to criminal charges of vehicular manslaughter against the woman, who will be sentenced later this year. Regardless of criminal charges, victims of motorcycle accidents and the survivors of fatalities have the right to seek financial restitution through civil court proceedings.

An attorney can help victims of motor vehicle accidents claim reimbursement for medical expenses, compensation for pain and emotional distress or other needs after a tragic accident.

Source: Youngstown Vindicator, “No-contest plea in crash that killed fire chief,” Feb. 17, 2018


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