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Man killed by truck in Cleveland

Trucks are common in Ohio, with the large flat expanses of the state to cover, although truck accidents are fortunately not as common. They can be dangerous when they occur, as the sheer mass of most commercial vehicles can cause a significant amount of damage as well as potential injury.

Careless driving is not an option for safe truck drivers anywhere. The use of electronics like phones and radios is restricted during driving for good reason, and the prohibition of drinking or drug use while driving is considered common sense.

A 20-year-old pedestrian was recently killed in Cleveland in an accident still under investigation by local authorities. The accident happened on an icy roadway in the city when a box truck driver lost control of his vehicle and went up on the sidewalk.

The truck struck several utility poles and a bus stop sign before proceeding out of control into an intersection, where the vehicle hit the victim in the crosswalk. The truck’s wall sheared off in the collision, bringing two motorcycles down on the victim as well.

The police reported that the driver initially left the scene but later came back to surrender to authorities. It is always very important to remain on the scene of accident, especially if there has been an injury. Police are considering possible charges related to the accident and death.

Survivors of those killed in truck accidents may sue the party at fault for wrongful death, emotional suffering and other charges related to the accident. A lawyer may help victims and their families apply legal options to an unexpected injury or death.

Source: ABC 5 Cleveland, “Pedestrian dies after he’s hit by truck, two motorcycles fall on top of him,” Kaylyn Hlavaty, Feb. 06, 2018


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