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Coping with an amputation caused by a car accident

As you might imagine, losing a limb due to a car accident requires a huge amount of medical care. There will be surgeries, a lengthy hospital stay and ongoing therapies and medical treatment after release. While the health care element of amputation alone is a huge financial burden, patients will also face mental and emotional burdens as well.

For many victims, the first order of business is focusing on the physical and medical aspects of amputation. For others, the mental and emotional consequences block out all other concerns. Regardless of which consequences take center stage, at some point, all amputation patients will have to learn how cope with their loss.

Most experts agree that amputation patients experience the well-known five stages of grief. These include:

— Denial and isolation

— Anger

— Bargaining

— Depression

— And, finally, acceptance

The problem for many car accident victims in Ohio is that the road from denial to acceptance is often very long and very difficult. These victims need financial help and they need it as soon as possible. Why put the focus on the financial side? Because car accident victims left with limb loss need a wide assortment of physical, mental and emotional treatment. Financial compensation makes it possible for victims to get the kind of help they need to cope in the aftermath.

If you or one of your family members has suffered a car accident amputation, please take steps to get the necessary help. If the car accident was caused by another party’s negligence, the law can help you seek and acquire the compensation needed to pay for this treatment.

Source: Winchester Hospital, “Coping With the Loss of a Limb,” accessed June 16, 2017


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