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Four Tragic Types Of Amusement Park Accidents

This summer, a ride at the Ohio State Fair broke apart, killing one person and injuring seven. Later investigation revealed that excessive corrosion was the reason for the accident. The ride, called the Fire Ball, was 18 years old. Corrosion on an interior support beam caused the ride to give way while in motion.

Amusement part accidents are shocking and sometimes fatal, and unfortunately they’re not rare enough. So how do they happen, and what can you do if they happen to you or your family? Here are some common reasons people get injured at amusement parks:

  • Restraint failures. Seat belts that fail to engage or that come loose while the ride is in motion can jostle the rider at best, or eject them from the ride at worst.
  • Braking failures. A brake failure on an amusement park ride can be catastrophic; especially for rides that operate at high speeds or at great heights.
  • Inadequate safety checks. Amusement park employees, especially if they work long hours or have limited access to important equipment, sometimes neglect to perform necessary safety checks, or neglect to monitor staff that are making the checks.
  • Drowning accidents. Wave pool accidents, and even unsupervised horseplay in a lazy river feature can result in drowning.

Trips to the amusement park are supposed to allow people to escape from their worries, not add to them. While nothing can undo an accident once it’s already happened, securing committed legal representation can help the injured and their families collect compensation to help pay for medical bills and other expenses caused by someone else’s negligence.


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