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Motorcycle maker sued in Ohio police officer’s death

Motorcycles are a common way to enjoy the roads of Ohio. The flat expanses and straight country highways make bikes an attractive option for road trips, commuting and weekend cruising. Although the vehicles are light on gas, they are also light on protection for their riders.

Bikes are often used for professional purposes by law enforcement officials, who must be properly trained to use motorcycles for suspect pursuit or tight formations. The estate of a police officer who was killed in a Franklin County motorcycle accident is claiming that the bike’s manufacturer and a separate training company did not properly prepare the victim to use the bike.

The accident in question occurred when the victim’s motorcycle came in contact with another officer’s bike and flew out of control. The officer was flung from his mount and pronounced dead on the scene.

The estate’s suit claims that the manufacturer and trainer did not educate police in the procedures required to maintain safety. The suit is seeking damages for wrongful death, pain and suffering, funeral expenses and the legal fees associated with the case.

The training company has disputed the suit’s claims so far. There are precedents for suing a manufacturer for the cause of a crash, with several suits resulting in settlements.

Victims of motorcycle accidents may claim financial damages from the party or parties directly and indirectly responsible for injuries. The survivors of victims who were killed in crashes may also claim damages on victims’ behalf. An experienced personal injury attorney can help assemble these claims and find the best legal path forward.

Source: The Drive, “Ohio Police Officer’s Estate Suing Polaris Over Fatal Victory Motorcycle Crash,” Eric Brandt, Jan. 17, 2018


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